Moving out on your own for the first time is a huge step in so many people’s lives, no matter how old they are or at what life stages they happen to be at. Whether you’re moving out of your parent’s house temporarily to move into a college or an off-campus college apartment, or moving out on your own for the first time ever to a place of your own or with roommates, making this transition is a big move that will completely change the way you go about your daily life.

However, because moving out for the first time is such a big step, a lot of people can understandably be very intimidated by the process of doing so.

When looking to learn how to move out, they also could be confused by wondering how best to go about the process, how best to prepare, and how to even find a new place! Besides leaning on your parents and friends for support, preparing properly for moving out for the first time will make all the difference in ensuring that your process will run smoothly.

How to Move Out for College

One of the most popular first times people move out of their parents’ house to go to college, or to move into a college dorm or apartment. When moving out for college, there are a couple of different methods to take that require a change in direction from regular moving-out experiences. To figure out how to move out for college, let’s examine what you’ll need to know.

For first-time movers, it’s understandable that moving out for college can cause a big case of the nerves for many. However, you should always be excited for this new chapter in your life. You’ll be able to attend a new school, live in a brand new environment, and be able to meet entirely new friends. College is an amazing time for many people to also learn who they are and what they like as far as living situations go.

Because college life is a pretty significant transition in someone’s life, there’s a lot to figure out when it comes to preparing for the best moving process. From furnishing a dorm or a house, to having to keep your space clean and organized on your own, to keeping up with regular chores, living on your own comes with a lot more responsibilities than living at home. When moving out for college, you’ll want to prepare in the following ways:

  • Communicate With Roommates: If you’re moving into a dorm with roommates, you’ll need to know what to bring, and what they want to bring so that your communal living space has what you all need to live comfortable. From small appliances like coffee makers, to cleaning supplies and even small furniture (if you have room) communication is key is properly preparing to move into a dorm – before the packing process even begins.
  • Look at Your Dorm’s Terms: Make sure you move in with an accurate idea of what to expect from your dorm’s living situation. From how many roommates you’ll have (and who they are), to whether you have a private or shared bathroom, and what appliances you have access to, being realistic and prepared in your expectations makes a huge difference in creating a smooth transition to your new dorm or college apartment.
  • Check for Condition: When moving in, note of of the condition of everything in your dorm, and take photos of anything in poor condition. Check for mold or grime in places like the shower or bathroom and let your RA know if things appear to be in disrepair or poor states.
  • ·Get Storage for School Breaks: If you’re heading out of your dorm for the summer but are going to be moving back into one when the new semester rolls around, don’t bother moving everything back and forth from your parents’ house – especially if they’re out of state. Instead, invest in low-cost and easy storage with Reebie Storage & Moving Co. so your items can be kept safe and ready to go.

How to Move Out for the First Time

Besides moving out of their parents’ house for college, many people forgo this and move out on their own to either a place completely on their own, or to a place with roommates. So how does this differ from moving out for college? Let’s figure out the best way to move out for the first time.

When moving into a new place, you’ll need to prepare your space with basic necessities either before or after your process. Like moving into a college dorm, you’ll also want to coordinate with roommates (if you have them) regarding cleaning supplies and common area furniture, appliances, or other items.

How to Pack to Move Out for the First Time

Odds are, if you’re moving out for the first time, you’ve probably built up a lot of items over the years at your parent’s home. The most important thing to do before packing even begins is to declutter as much as possible and only take what you need and what you’ll definitely use. Aside from decluttering, here are some other tops moving tips:

1. Financially Prepare: Making sure you’re financially ready to move out and take on not only rent but utilities and the daily costs of living is integral to moving out for the first time.

2. Find the Right Place: Whether living on your own or with roommates, find the right place for you that has the best location and features for your price range.

3. Hire the Right Movers: Having full-service movers like Reebie Storage & Moving will make your relocation easy.

4. Emotionally Prepare: Moving out of your childhood or family home can be very tough, no matter what age you are. Do what you can to emotionally prepare and take time for yourself during this transition.

5. Create a Routine: Having a routine at your new place will make your transition and getting used to things infinitely easier to adjust to.

When it comes to moving out for the first time, Excel Moving. has your back. See what we can do to make your relocation smooth and ideal today.

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