Moving is a natural event that happens during people’s lives – whether you’re flying the nest for the first time or moving for the 10th time, at Excel Moving & Storage we understand the amount of stress that comes with the task.

The planning and preparation that comes with a move is enough stress as it is. Deciding to do a DIY move adds a plethora of unnecessary stress. While we know that a professional move isn’t for everyone, we’d like to warn you of the downsides of a DIY move before you jump into one. Take it from a company who has seen people make mistakes before, so that your future move can be an easy and comfortable one.


There are a couple different aspects of safety that come in to play when you attempt to have a move all your belongings yourself.

The first one is personal safety. Performing a move by yourself isn’t always a “no-no”, but if you are moving more than just a few small items, there is always potential for injury. It is important to analyze the moving process thoroughly to make sure that you are capable of moving heavy furniture and other items in your home. The price of hospital bills due to a fall, tear, sprain, or worse does not compare to the cost that is required to simply hire a professional mover who has the proper training and equipment to handle a large move.

The next aspect of safety is the safety of your furniture or belongings that are being moved. Attempting to move a mass quantity of items can result in damaged goods, scraped floors, chipped walls, and more. Human error is a natural occurrence that sometimes cannot be avoided. However, with trained professionals such as the workers at Excel Moving & Storage, their background and experience leads to far less error, which heavily increases the safety of your belongings in relation to a DIY move. As an article from suggests, hiring professional movers gives you a safety net because the professional workers have skills and experience that you most likely do not have.


You might think that recommending that you hire a professional mover is a money grab, but it genuinely costs the same, if not more to DIY. Hiring a professional mover has been proven to be more cost effective than a personalized move. An article from says while moving yourself is a cheaper alternative to using moving services, you won’t save as much as you think. Below are some reasons that this is completely true.

If you are moving extremely locally and have some buddies in the area who can lend you a truck or two, then a DIY move might not be a terrible option – however not many people have that luxury.

The cost of rental trucks, additional equipment like dollies, gas, packing supplies, and hotels and food costs (depending on how far you are moving), can really begin to add up!


Allow a professional company such as Excel Moving & Storage to establish a personalized moving plan for the big day. Many people struggle to efficiently plan out their move and they end up spending a lot of wasted time trying to get organized and move all of their stuff. We all have heard that “moving is an all-day process.” As an article from states, moving requires you to constantly solve problems. These constant problems result in additional time and stress. If you can’t commit to a significant chunk of time investment, then you really shouldn’t be moving on your own.

With a professional moving company the mover and the moving company can establish an agreed upon plan that covers the entire moving experience from boxing goods to loading the truck to setting up furniture in your new home. By developing an organized plan, you mitigate the possibility for dilly dallying, hiccups, and hold-ups on your moving day. The overabundance of resources that Excel Moving & Storage provides makes orchestrating an organized moving day plan easy and efficient.

Excel Moving & Storage has experts readily available to help you move.

When you hire a professional moving company such as Excel Moving & Storage you aren’t just hiring someone to help you move. You are hiring dedicated professionals who will guarantee a stress-free process that saves you time and money, while also ensuring the safety of your belongings. For any questions about our moving services, those moving in the Triangle area can call 919-213-6694 and those in the Triad area can call 336-939-6450.

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