Summertime is without a doubt the most popular time in the United States for moving. Statistically speaking, over 40 million Americans move each year and nearly 75 percent of these moves occur between the months of April and September. School’s out, work is slow, the weather is gorgeous, and people have leases with contracts that expire at the end of June or July. We aren’t trying to scare you about moving during the summer, but for the millions of Americans who are making this decision, we highly urge you to adequately prepare by getting ready now and taking note of these summer moving tips.

Schedule Early

It’s never too early to book movers for the big day. With millions of people requiring the same services as you, getting ahead of the crowd is your first step towards a stress free move. Waiting until the last minute to book moving services can leave you with little-to-no options or being stuck with inadequate moving services. Just like you would get to an airport hours before your flight, you want to be ready to go weeks before your move. By securing a moving company weeks or months in advance, you are giving yourself a tremendous amount of time to communicate with the movers and to plan accordingly.

Be Wary of Rogue Movers

Since the moving industry is at its prime in the summer, people will be forced to use moving services that may not be their first choice. Due to the high demand for movers, it is very important that you know the signs of a scammer. Common themes amongst scammers include unrealistically low costs, vague paper work, and heavy down payments. If a moving service company offers you a quote that is significantly lower than other rates in town, you are likely getting reeled in and scammed. When it comes to vague paper work, make sure that you read the fine print and truly understand what you are being offered, as some companies may try to sneak in shady clauses. As for large deposits, a moving company is never going to make you pay more than around 20% of the maximum moving cost, so if a company tries to make you put down a deposit of more than 20%, there’s a chance you could be getting scammed.

Protecting Items in the Heat

The summer heat can be devastating for many of your common household items such as electronics, plants, and food. Ideally you wouldn’t be transporting any food to your new home, but in the case that you do, make sure that they are stored properly to avoid any spoiling. Electronics are vulnerable towards overheating and being damaged, which is why it is recommended that you store them separately in a cool environment, protect them with blankets or sheets, and keep them close to you.

Hiring Movers When It’s Hot Outside

If you attempt to perform a DIY move in the summer, you are vulnerable to heat-related illnesses and various injuries, as moving requires a lot of patience, heavy lifting, and endurance. By having professional movers carry out your summer move, you don’t have to worry about potential injuries such as throwing out your back, pulling a muscle, or getting a hernia. When it comes to the heat, you are also avoiding major sweating, heat stroke, dehydration, and more. Professional movers are well trained at performing moves in various conditions while taking care of themselves along the way. This isn’t to say that you aren’t capable of carrying out a summer move on your own, but by hiring a moving company you afford yourself convenience and you severely minimize the number of risks associated with a move. Multitasking is a difficult thing to do while moving, especially with the amount of stress that can come along with it. If you attempt to have a DIY move in the summer, you may be so focused on moving that you forget to take care of yourself by not drinking water and forgoing breaks.

Rely on Excel Moving and Storage to Perform Your Summer Move

Excel Moving and Storage is North Carolina’s trusted source for professional moving services. With Raleigh being named the third highest quality city in the world and North Carolina being ranked as the 7th most moved to state in the United States, the demand for moving companies is high. We can help transition you into your new home with little to no stress at all. Call us today at 919-213-6694 or 336-939-6450 so we can talk about our services.

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