Just as is the case with any moving process, planning is everything. This becomes even more important and more emphasized when it comes to moving out of state or with long-distance moving jobs. Whether moving to the next state over or across the entire country, these long-distance moves can quickly become very stressful, costly, and disorganized if you don’t have the right planning in place.

For residential moving and commercial moving alike, out-of-state moving requires more preparation and planning than local moves to ensure that they run smoothly. This is both purely due to their sheer distance, but also because it’s easy to lose track of items or run short on time when it comes to coordinating these types of moves.

Moving across states might bring a new set of challenges you’ll need to anticipate to keep everything running in a straightforward manner, but don’t be scared or turned off by this prospect. With the right planning in effect and with the right amount of time given to coordinate your project, your long-distance moving process will go smoothly and stay on budget and timeline. Looking for the best out-of-state moving tips? See what difference our expert advice can bring you.

What is Cross-Country Moving?

Cross-country, long-distance, or out-of-state moving all refer to moves of larger distances that are often spurred by new job opportunities, wanting to be closer to family, or finding an area that’s more suited to both your budget and your family than that of the state you currently live in.

When it comes to long-distance or cross-country moving, the most important things you need to take into account is what moving company you’re using, how much you’ve budgeted for your relocation, what you plan to declutter or get rid of, and what sort of timeline or planning process you want to put into place. When you consider these factors, you’ll be able to plan an efficient move that won’t have you scrambling before your movers arrive.

How to Find Long-Distance Movers

As we mentioned before, one of the most important aspects of ensuring that your cross-country move runs smoothly is by having the right long-distance movers on your side for your relocation. Though you could go with Excel Moving & Storage to get the best pricing, customer service, and the most straightforward and efficient moving experience regardless of your destination, we get that you might want to do more research or can’t use our services due to your location. Finding the right movers for you will keep you on the right track and will save you from overspending. So how do you find the right long-distance professional moving company for you and your family? The following are some of the top things to look for in professional movers:

  • Experience

Going with a professional moving company that has successfully carried out many moves over the last several years is key to ensuring that everything will run smoothly during your long-distance move.

  • Specialties

If you have unique or awkward items in your home, like antique furniture or pool tables, having a moving company that knows how to handle such items will keep them safe throughout your relocation. Only go with movers who specialize in the type of move you’ll be embarking on or the items you’ll move.

  • Reviews

Always look at moving companies’ reviews on third-party websites like Yelp, Google Reviews, or the Better Business Bureau. These sites cannot be moderated or filtered by the movers in their favor, so this is where you’ll find the most accurate information regarding customers’ past experiences.

  • Licenses

Always check a moving company’s licensing to ensure they’re allowed to operate legally. Check their USDOT number with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) to ensure they’re a reputable business.

  • Pricing

This probably is at the front of your mind, but don’t go out of budget for your movers. Instead, shop around for multiple quotes from movers to make them work within your budget and give you the best possible deal.

  • Customer Service

The need for good customer service should always be a focus of the moving company you go with. If you’re not being respected or treated well, run!

How to Prepare for Long-Distance Moving

After locking down the right professional moving company, it’s time to actually get started on your relocation. When preparing for a move of this scale, it’s all in the planning. Map out a schedule and timeline of what you want your packing to look like, so you don’t get rushed or overwhelmed at any point in the process. Pack little by little and create a timeline that doesn’t make you do too much at once, and that starts early enough to give you plenty of time to do so.

Before you start packing, however, always declutter your home of unnecessary or unused items. When eliminating items, think of what won’t be worth it to move, what won’t work with your new space, or what you just don’t use anymore. Especially with furniture, there’s no use taking things you don’t like with you – and it will just make your move more expensive. From clothes to seasonal items to decor or furniture, it’s time to purge!

Once you’ve begun packing, take things room by room to stay organized, and start with decor and non-essential items first. This will not only make packing easier but will make unpacking much easier since you’ll already be organized. Oh, and don’t forget to label your boxes.

After booking your movers, creating your plan, and decluttering your home, you’ll be in the best shape for success in your long-distance moving process. Still haven’t found the right professional long-distance movers for you and your household yet? See what Excel Moving & Storage can do for you today. We’ll give you the best pricing and service possible so you can enjoy your new home without worry or stress.

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