One of the hardest parts about moving is determining what furniture you should keep or sell. Your new home will likely have completely different dimensions and a new layout, which means that the set up you currently have will need to be reworked in the new home. From couches and dressers to beds and coffee tables, there is an ample amount of furniture that will need to be configured. However, with a little creativity and craftsmanship, there are several ways that you can make your current furniture work in a new home, which means less stuff that you have to sell or get rid of before you move. Here are our suggestions below:

Accessorize & Dress Up Old Pieces

Let’s say that you have a piece of furniture that doesn’t flow with the vibe of your new house, but it’s been in your family for generations and you don’t want to get rid of it. There are ways to make an old furniture item work in a new space with the help of accessories and decorations that can help take the focus off of a piece that might clash otherwise.

When it comes to adding accessories and treatments to a furniture piece, there are several options. For couches, chairs, and other seating items, throw pillows, new cushions, and blankets are all great ways that you can spice up an old or outdated piece of furniture. If you really don’t want to see the exterior of a couch or chair, sofa and chair covers come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics and styles. For dressers and tables, you can add vases, flowers, knick-knacks, picture frames, paintings, candles, and more. Place an heirloom dresser near a window that has eye-catching curtains for example, and if you don’t want the exterior of a table showing, there numerous table cloths and runners in the market that are bound to fit your taste.

Revamp Your Furniture

If your old furniture is clashing with your new home and you don’t want to replace the furniture or simply want a new look, there are multiple ways to transform the old into something that works at a low price.

Make it rustic: The idea behind distressing a piece of furniture is to make an everyday household item look like an elegant, vintage centerpiece. The process of distressing an item is simple:

–    Lay down a large bed sheet, towel, or any other piece of cloth you are willing to get dirty

–    Begin sanding the furniture with sandpaper (especially around the edges of the piece) and then paint the item with your preferred color

–    Once dry, spread candle wax over areas that you desire to radiate more color

–    Add another layer of paint to the piece

–    Finally, rub steel wool over the waxed locations and add a final layer of paint

Make it new: This is the exact opposite of making something look rustic. Refinishing a table, chair, dresser, etc. is cheap, easy, and the final look is noticeably rewarding. All you need is some stain or paint, brushes, sandpaper, cloth, and polyurethane (if staining).

–    The first step is to sand the entire item you are refinishing and then remove any dust left over

–    Coat the piece with primer

–    Apply the paint or stain. Use multiple coats to achieve the desired finish

–    If staining, make sure you apply several coats of polyurethane and voila

–    Allow to dry completely

For a more in-depth breakdown of refinishing your furniture, check out

There are still several other techniques that you can employ for a complete transformation of your furniture. Other options include adding new hardware such as knobs and handles, cutting down furniture and making new pieces out of it, and simply using pieces in unexpected ways (like flipping a bookshelf on its side and using it as a buffet for example). Moving is a stressful task but thinking about ways you can use pieces you already own in your new space will help your new house feel like home in no time.

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