Moving out of state is always an often complicated undertaking that can’t be done last minute. Any long-distance relocation shouldn’t be done on impulse or without the attention to detail it requires to ensure all of the many different parts of the process run smoothly and come together properly. When your long-distance moving day comes around, however, how do you make sure you’re properly prepared for the process to begin? Let’s make sure you’re prepared and ready to move out of state with this complete guide.

How to Choose an Out-of-State Moving Company

When it comes to taking on an out-of-state move, having the right out-of-state moving specialists on your side makes all the difference in being prepared and in having the right timeline in place.

Since moving out of state can be a large undertaking from start to finish, having experienced professionals guiding you and making sure you’re good to go makes a huge amount of difference in how stress-free and straightforward your relocation ends up being.

When researching your movers, you should always look at their experience, and most importantly their customer reviews. Having the right moving company truly means the difference in having a positive process and in having a stressful one that causes you problems left and right.

Do thorough research and get recommendations from those you know to find the right movers. This will allow you to find a company like Excel Moving & Storage, which is committed to providing you with not only the best moving experience but also the best pricing. In your research, you should also always check your prospective company’s licenses, insurance, accreditations, and affiliations to avoid moving scams.

Out of State Moving Tips

  1. Set an Out-State Moving BudgetOne of the most important things you can do for your out-of-state move is to have a realistic moving budget in place. This will not only save you from overspending or being overcharged during your move, but will also give you a buffer for unexpected expenses or costs during your process.
  2. Take Inventory of Your Home
    After setting a budget and booking your moving company, it’s time to tackle the packing process (unless you’re using professional packing services, of course!). If you’re packing yourself, make sure to take an inventory of your household items and determine what you’ll want to bring and what you’ll be decluttering. For the items you’re bringing with you, make sure to take note of what the condition of your items is.
  3. Start the Packing Process
    After decluttering and taking the proper inventory of your items, it’s time to start packing! If you’re not using professional packing services, try to get free or low-cost packing materials and boxes from Facebook Marketplace, friends, family, or even local businesses.
  4. Coordinate Your Change of Address
    Since it takes 10 days to process a change of address with USPS, don’t forget to change your address early! Make sure to also switch over your utilities to your new address prior to moving day.
  5. Start Preparing for Travel
    After packing and handling logistics, it’s time to prepare for your own travels to your new home! Pack essential items and the things you’ll need immediately separately from the other items in your move so that you’ll have them with you and have complete access to them. Make sure to also pack essentials for your kids or pets as well. On top of packing day-to-day items, coordinate your travel plans to your new home for you and your family.
  6. Start Preparing for Travel
    You’ve done it! You’re ready for your moving day! Finish up the process by coordinating the loading of your items with your moving crew, and have some refreshments for them ready to go!

When you’re tackling an out-of-state move, having the right resources, plan, and out-of-state moving company on your side makes all the difference between a successful long-distance moving experience and a stressful or disorganized one. Want to work with the best out-of-state movers for you? See what Excel Moving & Storage can do for you today.

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