When you’re gearing up for a move, it somehow seems like no matter how much preparation you’ve done, that you’re still scrambling to finish packing or sorting things the night before. The day of, even, you might still just be throwing things into trash bags and making a run for it. It doesn’t seem to matter how often you’ve moved before, or how much experience you have with moving – it’s always an unprepared race to the finish line. 

However, there is a definite way to avoid this stressful race to the end, and it comes in the form of actually just getting rid of some of your unwanted or unused items. Enter the art of decluttering. 

Preparing for a Move

At whatever point during a move that you find yourself the most stressed out or just burnt out from seemingly endless packing, you might just feel like throwing out everything  you own and starting fresh. Now, we all know this is just you not wanting to deal with packing or organizing anything else, and it’s very understandable. However, if you’re feeling like this, there is a way to cut out this step before you even start packing. 

By decluttering your home, and clearing out unused, unwanted, or unneeded household goods or clothing, you’re cutting down on what you have to pack in the first place. Plus, your donations can go to support some good causes, or you could even make some money if you plan to sell some of your items. Either way, it’s a time, hassle, and money saving solution that will make moving day that much easier. 

How to Declutter

It can be hard to know where to start when you’re beginning to declutter your home. To start in the process, begin organizing your things room by room, and start going through them all a little at a time. This will allow you to take on small chunks at a time, and will make the process seem a lot less overwhelming than it would be otherwise. 

Make sections on one side of your room, labelled  ‘keep’, ‘donate’, ‘give away’, ‘sell’, and ‘throw out’ . By putting your things in one of these categories as you organize and sort through your things, you can organize things faster and more efficiently, and can even circle back if need be. 

What to Get Rid of Before a Move

  • Clothing

Have a closet full of stuff that you don’t like, use, or wear? Don’t bother bringing clothes with you that are just going to continue taking up room in your closet – donate or sell everything that’s still in great shape. 

  • Documents

If you have a bunch of paper lying around, and have digital backups made of everything, get rid of it! Paper can be super awkward to pack, and if you don’t need it, don’t keep it! Make sure to properly shred and responsibly dispose of any old important documents or old bills. 

  • Old Furniture

Donate or sell old furniture or decor you don’t use or want online if it’s still in good shape! If you don’t use it now, you won’t use it later. 

  • Appliances 

If you have a lot of useless appliances taking up space in your kitchen that you don’t use, get rid of them! Donate or sell them online – you might make a little bit of money back!

By being proactive and organized, you’re allowing your decluttering process to move swiftly and efficiently, and are saving yourself a ton of time and hassle for the future. Still haven’t found your moving company yet? Check out Excel Moving & Storage Inc. for all of your full-service moving needs. 

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