Greensboro, the third-largest city in North Carolina, was established in 1808 with the original spelling of Greensborough. It wasn’t until 1895 that the name was changed to the more painless Greensboro spelling we are familiar with now. A place where three highways intersect, Greensboro is one of the best places to live in North Carolina, with most of the residents owning their own homes.

With your heart set on moving to Greensboro, the next step is to find the perfect moving company. Greensboro movers will have the advantage of knowing the lay of the land, moving you in with efficiency.

As you go through narrowing down the list of Greensboro moving companies, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to find the perfect company to work with you.

Search Through Reviews

One of the first steps to finding the perfect moving and storage company in Greensboro, NC, is searching online. Compile a list of potential companies you’d like to work with and read through the reviews. Three-star reviews are the ones that need the most attention as the individuals who wrote them will have good or bad things to say.

Using these reviews, it’s best to formulate the company’s big picture, such as whether they are on time or delayed more often, or how they treat their clients. Even if something happened outside of the company’s control as they worked with a client, reviews would paint the picture of how they rectified the situation.

Three Quotes, No Less

Obtain at least three quotes from different companies, though the more, the better. Keep in mind that quotes are just an estimate based on a conversation you have with a company representative, and it’s best to allow them a walkthrough of your home before signing any contracts.

Don’t settle just for the lowest quote you receive, either. Some quotes may include other options that others do not, making it more valuable, even if it may cost a little more money.

Deposit with Care

Deposits are common among service type industries such as in a moving company. They are a way for the company to know that you are serious about the date you’d like to hire them for and for you as the client to know that your day is held on their calendar. However, paying deposits that are too high in comparison to the full quote or contract should not be done.

Paying a high amount of deposit before the moving date and the full payment due date only relinquishes some of the responsibility. There is a high chance you may see your items a lot later than originally planned, if at all. Therefore, it’s best to stay away from companies that demand high payments upfront.

Insurance and Licensing

Before signing any paperwork, conduct your due diligence, and check that the company is licensed and insured. Purchasing a truck to open a moving company is the easy part, and it doesn’t make a company a reputable one. A company you can rely on will take all the necessary steps to ensure they are allowed to operate and have insurance in case they are legally liable for any damage.

Avoid Name Switch Companies

As a way to skirt around the Better Business Bureau, companies have been known to operate under different names. Check out the company you will likely do business with to make sure they are fully licensed and insured under one business name with a Greensboro, NC, address. You can always bring any questions to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration hotline if you are not sure.

Details About Their Equipment

When speaking with a representative of the moving companies in Greensboro, NC, check out what type of equipment they use. Gather as many details as possible about how they go through the move as a way to find out how legitimate they are.

A reputable moving company will have on hand any and all equipment needed for any type of move. Whether you are moving into a home or a condo, the company you sign a contract with should have enough equipment and trucks to help haul your load into your new home without a hitch.

Ask Plenty of Questions

The last tip should speak for itself. Asking questions of the potential Greensboro moving companies you’d like to work with is the primary way to ensure you get what you’re looking for. Here are a few questions you should ask:

  • What coverage does the company provide in the event of an accident involving your belongings?
  • How is a loss handled?
  • What services, even if they are additional, does the company offer, and do they meet your needs?
  • Does the company offer tracking of your items?
  • What would happen in the event you need to cancel the move or postpone it?
  • Are there any hidden fees?
  • How are fees calculated?
  • Are employee’s background checked?


Greensboro, NC, is a great place for homeowners, with most of the city’s residents owning their own place. One of the biggest cities in North Carolina, Greensboro has a lot to offer. Local Greensboro movers will help you every step of the way through your moving process.

Of course, you want to take the time necessary to find a reputable company with the right place and equipment to streamline your move. Movers are there not just to haul away your heavy items, but to make the process a quicker and more enjoyable one, all the while preventing you from pestering family and friends once again.

Greensboro moving companies will have the advantage of knowing the city, so don’t hesitate to ask about the city’s tips and tricks.

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