At some point, it became a custom everywhere, including here in North Carolina, to call your friends and offer them pizza in exchange for moving help. It seems like a great idea because it can be a time to connect with friends, say goodbye if necessary, show off your new place, or just lean on them to save a little money.

But in reality, there are a lot of things that could and do often go wrong having friends help you move. Here are five of them, but let’s be honest, this list could be much longer.  

1. Injuries

Have you ever noticed how movers show up to the job with back braces, special straps, dollies, and other equipment you don’t have? This is not just to make the job go smoothly; it’s also to save their backs and prevent potential injury. Maybe you have friends nice enough to come and help out for a couple hours, but you don’t want to risk them straining a muscle, tearing a ligament, dropping something on their foot, or worse, their head!

2. Broken items

Another downside of inexperienced “movers” grabbing all your things and tossing them into a truck is that fragile items often break. You have dishes, glasses, and other small kitchen items that can easily break. You have glass tables. There are heirlooms, paintings, and vases. There are also electronics like computers, televisions, and gadgets. All of these very expensive, precious items are being moved by people with greasy pizza fingers who just had a drink or two.

3. Reliability

Often there are strict deadlines you have to meet when you are moving. You have the truck for a certain period of time. You have to hand over your keys to the new tenant or owner at a certain time. You may have to be in a new town to start school or a new job. These deadlines often carry penalties if missed. Your friends may have had good intentions and wanted to help, but they have a busy life too. It is very, very common for the four friends you thought were coming to become three, and then two.

4. Damaged home

When you’re moving out of an apartment or a home, the place will very soon become somebody else’s living space. If you can’t quite make the couch fit through a corner and the drywall gets damaged, you’ll likely have to cover that. Also, as you move into your new place, you don’t want to add extra home improvement projects before you even fully move in.

5. Insurance

It’s not that professionals never break items, scratch walls, or fail to arrive on time. This does happen on occasion, although the training and experience make it less frequent. But in addition to the lower risk, companies are also required to carry insurance on the items they transport for you. The risk of all the above issues are taken into consideration and are covered by the mover’s policy.

Excel Movers for professional moving assistance in the Triangle and Triad of North Carolina

If you’re used to using the “friends method,” we understand. We promise though, they will not be heartbroken when you don’t call and ask for the favor this time. Instead, do yourself a favor and avoid all the risk and hassle of using your friends to help you move. Call a professional, experienced moving company to get the job done safely and efficiently. For those in the Triangle area (around Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Wake Forest, and more), call 919-213-6694. Those in the Triad (including Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Burlington) call 336-939-6450.

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