If you are ready to move, the question you need to ask yourself, can you afford this? This is especially true for those who are renting their homes. For those who are buying a home, they are going to find that financially they have different priorities. So, for those who are renting a new home, how much money should you be saving before deciding that a move is the right option? This truly depends. Here at Excel, we want everyone to be ready for their move. Not only do we want to provide you with tips and hints to make the packing and moving work, we also want you to be financially prepared for this move.

How Much Should You Save to Afford your Move?

Those who are renting are in a unique situation. They are going to be paying rent, while still trying to make the move to a new location. Saving money can become hard when still paying rent and utilities where you are still living. However, the good rule of thumb that most financial advisors give is that the person must save at least 3 months of expenses before they move. Why is this? Consider all the items that they are going to have to pay for a new rental:

  1. First and last month rent as a security deposit or another security deposit amount.
  2. Pet fees if they have a pet and are moving into a home that requires this.
  3. Deposits for turning on your utilities.
  4. Cleaning fees for the home that you are moving out of.

And you also must consider that you are needing to hire your professional movers as well.

How to Save Money with Movers

Now that we know how much money you should be saving, we want to give you a few tips that can help you save money when moving with our professionals. Here at Excel we pride ourselves on giving fair and low rates to those who utilize our service. We want to help your move to be stress-free and something that you do not dread doing again! Here are a few tips to remember:

  1. Be sure to declutter! The fewer boxes you must move, the lower your rate is going to be!
  2. Try to move when others are not. This way you may find that rates are lowered since the demand for services is not as high. Of course, this is often out of your control. When you need to move, you simply need to move.
  3. Consider selling some of those items that you are not using. This way you get a few extra bucks for your move!

When you are ready to move, have saved up the money for your new rental home, be sure to give us a call. We are here to help you with your move, whether you rent or buy, Excel is here for your needs.

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