No matter if you’re embarking on a local or long-distance move, your priority should always be to have the most efficient and easiest move possible. From the planning process to packing, to taking on the moving day itself, having the right process and attitude will make all of the difference in having the best moving day possible.

But how do you even find the right process or strategy to take on your move in the first place? When planning your move, you’ll want to be proactive and save money wherever possible to make your move affordable and efficient. In this article, we’ll go over all of the best ways to make your move efficient and positive from start to finish.

How to Find the Right Moving Company

Before we get into the best ways to make your move efficient, let’s take on how to find the right moving company for your relocation. Having the right professional movers on your side for your relocation makes a huge amount of difference in how much time your relocation takes, the efficiency of your moving day itself, as well as the efficiency of the transport and delivery of your items.

Finding the right professional moving company makes all the difference in having a positive moving experience versus that a negative one. When looking for the right moving company for you, you’re going to want to start your research as far ahead of time as possible to ensure that they’ll be available come your moving day.

When researching your movers, look for companies with a large amount of experience and a good reputation for providing the best possible moving services. Go through their reviews on third-party sites like the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, or Google Reviews. This will give you a good idea as to the consensus of past customers regarding a company’s level of customer service, affordability, and overall efficiency and experience.

Researching your movers should also involve you shopping around and getting quotes from many different companies to secure the best service and the right prices for your relocation. Remember, don’t just go with the lowest bidder either, especially if their prices seem a little too good to be true (which could be indicative of a moving scam). Instead, compare and contrast your possible companies (including reviews, experience, helpfulness, and price), to determine the right one for you before moving forward.

If you don’t want to have to go through the difficult research process and are just looking for the right moving company for you, look for Excel Moving & Storage. We’ll give you the best prices, service, and overall experience possible.

How to Have an Easy Moving Day

After settling on your moving company, it’s time to start actually planning your move and scheduling out the process ahead of you. Below are some good pointers to give yourself the smoothest move possible.

1. Have the Right Planning Process

One of the best things you can do before your moving process even begins is to begin the planning process as early as possible and to create an effective schedule. Having a schedule that you’ve planned out well ahead of time will help you avoid taking on too much at once, and will let you create a gradual packing and moving experience. This will let you avoid getting overwhelmed while getting more done and avoid rushing around just before your moving day.

2. Hire the Right Professional Movers

As we mentioned before, having the right moving company for your relocation can truly make or break your entire moving experience. Look at company reviews, licenses, accreditations, and compare prices to get the right company to fit your needs.

3. Book Your Movers Ahead of Time

Once you’ve found the right moving company, make sure to book your company well ahead of time, especially if you’re looking to move during peak moving season.

Especially if moving during these months, there can be a lot of competition and demand for your mover’s services, which can make it hard to effectively schedule your move. When you lock down your movers well ahead of time, however, you’ll avoid this issue and allow yourself to schedule things more efficiently.

4. Save on Packing Materials

Getting your packing materials well ahead of time and sourcing them from free or low-cost sources will allow you to save money and have a more efficient packing process. Well ahead of your move, ask around to family, friends, local businesses, or places like Facebook Marketplace to get packing materials.

Begin packing things well ahead of time, and make sure to declutter your home before packing your things. This will let you avoid packing unnecessary items and speed up the entire process.

5. Always Label Your Boxes

With the same notion of beginning the packing process as early as possible and organizing and decluttering your items well ahead of time, always label your boxes as you pack up your things.

Knowing what is where, and packing like items with like will allow your movers to load your things into your moving truck more efficiently. It will also let them do so with more care and safety in mind since they’ll know which items are more fragile than others, and what boxes to be more careful of.

Looking for the right moving company for you ahead of your relocation? Find the most efficient movers for you in Excel Moving & Storage. We’ll work tirelessly to get you the best moving packages, rates, and services so that you can have the most positive and straightforward relocation possible.

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