You have the move planned, you know where you are moving to and now all that is left is the actual move. You are super excited and ready to get this new path in your life underway. However, are you really prepared for the actual moving aspect of this move? There are five huge moving mistakes that are made every day by people throughout the United States who are moving for the first time or even for the umpteenth time. And these mistakes can cost you money and your time!

Mistake #1: Deciding to “Wing” a Move

Moving is not something that you just say, “I’ll wing it”. Moving takes preparation, planning, and most importantly, organization. If you truly believe that you can wing it, you are going to be in for a very rude awakening. Instead, we suggest you follow the 5 P’s: Proper Planning Prevent Poor Performance. Plan accordingly and make sure that you do your homework!

Mistake #2: You Forget the Rush Hour of Moving

The rush hour of moving refers to the months in which people are moving out of their homes and into new ones at a fast pace. For those who are using professional movers like Excel Moving & Storage, forgetting about this rush hour may mean not getting the professionals you want to move your items. This goes hand in hand with proper planning.  A key tip to remember: 3 to 4 months before your moving date is when to start calling companies to find the one that is going to help you move.

Mistake #3: You Avoided Decluttering

This is a huge mistake! Look at a move as a way to start fresh…and since you are starting fresh, do you really want to drag around that junk that you have not used for ten or more years? No way! So, take the time to declutter, remove the junk from your home, donate items that you no longer want or need. You will find it much better to move when you have taken the time to declutter.

Mistake #4: You Spaced Out on an Overnight Bag

Remember that you should always pack an overnight bag that is going to hold all the essentials you need without having to unpack every box that you moved. Why is this? It means that if you were to arrive late at your new location, you can still have the essentials and not spend another few hours looking for those when you would rather take it easy. Plus, for those who move with professional companies, remember that it could be a few days before your belongings are delivered to your new location.

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