Whether you are moving across the city or the country, it is important to consider how you can optimize your move to be eco-friendly. Most people don’t correlate large moving trucks and trashed belongings with being environmentally friendly, but with these tips from GreenPlus certified Excel Moving and Storage, you’ll find your move to be easier, more efficient, and eco-friendly too.

1. Use Reusable Packing Materials

Reusable materials are going to be your “save the planet” best friend during your move. From plastic bins to suitcases, it’s beneficial to store your items in containers that you don’t have to throw away. Plastic bins serve as excellent storage mediums that you can keep and reuse in the future. With superior durability and broad sizing options, plastic bins are great for storing fragile possessions during your move. Suitcases offer plenty of storage space for clothes, shoes, and jewelry. When packing your items, one tip to remember is that if you can stack objects inside one another, then that will save you space – like kitchen bowls and glasses for instance.

2. Donate Possessions You Don’t Want

Many household possessions are not recyclable and will take years to decompose. Numerous everyday materials could be put to amazing use in other places. For example, if you have a couch that you don’t want to keep, instead of tossing it out on the street, donate it to a humanitarian organization. Examples of organizations that accept donations include Goodwill, the Salvation Army, local shelters, AMVETS, and Habitat for Humanity.
Statistically, the fewer items that you transport, the smaller an impact you will have on the environment. If you decide to purge your inventory, consider the impact your items will have on the environment and evaluate the possibility that the belongings can improve someone else’s life and be reused elsewhere.

3. Use Biodegradable Materials

There are many moving materials that are the opposite of eco-friendly. Some of these include Styrofoam packing peanuts, plastic, and bubble wrap. While you may think these packaging materials are necessary, other options can work just as well and include things like corn starch-made packing peanuts, newspaper, bubble wrap made from polyethylene, and more. When moving with an environmentally aware moving company, they can likely provide some of these items for you if you can’t get your hands on them by yourself.

4. Make Smart Post-Move Decisions

After the move is completed, there are countless decisions that you, as a new homeowner, can make to be sustainable and eco-friendly. For starters, donate all of your cardboard moving boxes to local moving companies, warehouses, etc. so that you aren’t just throwing the boxes away. From energy-efficient light bulbs to planting a garden, there are many modifications that you can perform to your house that will make it eco-friendly, without going over the top.

5. Hire a GreenPlus Certified Moving Company

Excel Moving and Storage takes pride in being the first GreenPlus certified moving company in North Carolina. When you partner with us, you are guaranteed many things, one of those being a sustainable, energy-efficient moving experience. Excel offers a de-clutter program, which is aimed towards lowering your inventory before you move. We also offer a variety of packaging materials and are ready to assist with any packaging services you may have. Another perk of moving with Excel is that you won’t be making multiple trips to and from your old home and new home. Excel securely moves you to your destined location in one, efficient trip. To learn more about our moving services, give us a call at 919-213-6694 or 336-939-6450.

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