It seems like there are new articles published weekly about how great it is to live in the Triangle and Triad areas of North Carolina–and we understand why! More and more people are moving in and out of the Triangle and Triad areas of North Carolina every day, and we know that a good percentage do so from behind the wheel of a large moving van.

This can add an extra layer of stress for people moving to North Carolina, because they may not be familiar with the roads, or used to driving a truck as large as the one needed to store their possessions. It’s not uncommon for DIY movers to underestimate the difficulties that may be experienced behind the wheel, especially if their normal vehicle is a compact car. Care should always be taken, but in some cases, trusting professionals to do the job is going to be the better, safer option.

If you are driving the van, here are some safety tips:

  • Try to find parking spaces that you can “drive through” rather than having to reverse out of.
  • Do NOT tailgate at any time. It is hard to stop heavier vehicles quickly enough to avoid collisions.
  • Hit the brakes slowly and evenly when at all possible to prevent cargo from moving.
  • Use the parking brake whenever you park the truck, not just on steep hills to prevent inadvertent movement.
  • Set your mirrors every time to re-enter the truck and take the time to identify the vehicle’s blind spots (you will not be able to see directly behind you).
  • Drive more slowly and defensively than you would in a smaller vehicle, and let the speedsters go around you.

Things to consider if you’re looking at trusting a moving company to do it:

  1. They have training and experience: This is not their first rodeo. These drivers do these kinds of routes every day and have the company’s trust (and insurance!) to do it in their name. Even newer employees will have had their driving records examined and will have gone through training to make sure they know how to operate every truck in a company’s fleet.
  2. They are liable for any accident or damage: When you’re driving the moving truck yourself, you may be liable for certain incidents or damage. A professional moving company though will take full responsibility for the entire move, ensuring their vehicle and your possessions are completely protected and covered from point A to point B.
  3. It’s one less detail to have to worry about: There are so many details you have to consider during a move. Did you grab all your things? Did you return the keys? Do you have your travel itinerary? Having to maneuver a giant truck does not have to be one of these details.
  4. Your personal safety (and that of others) is more secure: A few things getting damaged is bad enough, but the more tragic part of vehicle accidents is often when a person is harmed. While some is left to chance and the conditions of the road, practice often makes close-to-perfect for safe driving and the professionals know how to transport your things safely.

Excel Moving has expert drivers who can deliver the truck to your new home with care

To avoid the hassle and danger of driving a truck that you may not be comfortable with, leave the drive to us.

We’ll meet you on the other end as we just as carefully unpack your things. For a free estimate, those moving in the Triangle area call 919-213-6694 and in the Triad area call 336-939-6450.


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